All of Hikari hair scissors are made in Japan. Our haircutting scissors are hand made by our professionals at Niigata factory in Japan. Our scissors, handed to our customer, are all achieved strict inspection and Hikari quality by our professionals. Everyone is different on feeling about cutting, smoothness or size of ring etc. Hikari scissors are to satisfy all customer’s needs, therefore we can customize your scissors upon your request. To fulfill our customer’s needs, our professional must have same point of view with our customers. “Reflect opinion, given from our customers, on the scissors” is our philosophy. It is meaningless to create and manufacture best scissors, only from our point of view. When customers’ opinion meets with our best material and professional techniques, it gives you our best Hikari scissors.

The origin comes from the craftsmanship applied in blade edging on Japanese Katana swords where the surface of the blade is concaved resembling the shape of shells on clams. The scissors version applies that same craftsmanship of Japanese swords and we call it Hikari Convex Edge.
What is Convex Edge (a.k.a. Hamaguri-ba) It is a type of shape or profile of the blade’s cross section. A type of cutlery with a bulge similar to the shells of clams in between the ridges and blade edge. Wikimedia

After extensive R&D, Hikari’s founder was the first to introduce the technology to the world scissors industry, and our Convex Hair Scissors achieved an unprecedented quality of sharpness. In the present, almost every manufacturer attempts to imitate the Convex Edge, and although the form could be reproduced, the quality of sharpness cannot be duplicated.

Presently, machine production is common, but at Hikari, we are committed to hand-made production through majority of process. Especially for the clam shell blade, the convex edge, it requires seasoned craftsmanship to produce. To be able to cut smoothly with a constant tension, it requires cutting with one contact point on the blade. At Hikari, our craftsmen adjust the delicate curvatures on two blades by hand to deliver one-of-a-kind and distinguished sharpness with great feel. The more a blade is sharpened, it will become that much sharper, but sharp edge is thin and delicate, so the two scissor blades will interlock more often, lowering the scissors’ usability as a result. By maintaining more than enough thickness at the ridge for blade support, and by applying an astonishingly sharp edge, Hikari Convex Scissors delivers co-existence of practical features such as long-lasting sharpness and durability when regrinding, as well as highest quality sharpness.

The Hikari quality is not only its sharpness but its grip as well. Stylists open and close scissors thousands of times per day. A grip that is not fit for the user’s hand and scissors that are difficult to hold will cause tendonitis. Generally, manufacturers just make scissors, but at Hikari, the leaders of the company has been hair stylists for three generations, so we are committed to develop scissors with correct grip position and secure feel.
Sure grip when blunt, chop or back hand cutting, and even when used for vertical, side, slant, or in any angle, the grip will feel as though it is stuck to the fingers. Because it fits the fingers correctly, it will make it easier to cut and lower hand fatigue.
For those stylists with smaller hands or fingers who do not feel secure with conventional scissors our specialized finger rest is very effective. The finger rest is positioned higher and with wider design that fits just right for shorter pinkie.
The shape of the rings provide stress free motion for the fingers held in any direction without discomfort.

One of the reasons that HIKARI scissors are used for a long time, is because we can customize your scissor based on your preferences. Everyone is unique and different, therefore HIKARI scissors are also. HIKARI provides “customized scissors for every hair professional”. Create your own and enjoy hair cutting more and more. Do you want the finger holes to be larger or smaller? Do you want to switch the handle on your scissor, with another scissor handle? Let’s make your original, unique and very special scissor just for you!

    • Company      Hikari Corporation
    • Representative Director   Shinichi Takahashi
    • Location        Head office location: 25-8 Saiwai Itabashi, Tokyo 173-0034, Tokyo
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