Deserving of the name “Roi”
Crowned as “King” in French, this is Hikari’s premium series.
Sharpness is without question. It has a sophisticated and elegant antique grip design, and the blade resembles a western sword rather than Japanese katana.

Ergonomically designed innovative features!
Finger blade rotates in sync with the fingers, revolutionary scissors defying convention.
2 patented features (Curve ring & Quarter ring) improves grip, reducing stress and fatigue on the wrist and fingers.
These innovative scissors captures the imagination of stylists with potential cut techniques.

This series is created by reanalyzing stylists’ motion of “cutting” from scratch.
Every one of its brilliant design has a meaning behind it.
This masterpiece enables you to enjoy great comfort when cutting and holding.

The main features of Cosmos series is its strictly selected material and refined design, but this 5 Star series has even better material quality (molybdenum/cobalt alloy), achieving both quality sharpness and durability. In addition, our appointed blacksmith maximizes its craftsmanship to give its finishing touch to the masterpiece.

Next generation hybrid scissors unlike any is developed by our “SEV technology”, a patented technology which consolidates the skills cultivated by many years of Hikari craftsmanship and our ability to optimize true characteristics of material. Its performance is unsurpassed and it outclasses any other. Plenty of variations are available for various cutting preferences.

Outstanding sharpness and high abrasive resistance is achieved by applying super rare molybdenum steel with low-pressure heat treatment/sub-zero treatment. Also, the Rulon resin in the pivot acts as the super smoother, providing long term prevention of blade rattling.

With an acute curvature, the blade closely resembles Japanese Katana.
It provides a gentle moist feel from the base to the tip of the blade when in action. These long scissors are Hikari’s proud masterpieces!

Without a doubt, the fundamental technique is the blunt cut.
Delivering precise cut and buttery sharpness. It is a pair of professional scissors that stimulate the stylists’ senses and abilities, allowing high level “Quality”, “Aestheticism” and “Creation”

Just the right fit for stroke cut, blunt cut, slide cut and many more as these scissors are not limited to any style.
Experience the sure grip. The secret is our “full anatomic grip (fit ring)”, delivered by its unique rings with curvature and performance of hand-carved and finished handle.

The main feature on NEO Cosmos series is its uniquely designed finger rest that are not found on any other scissors. With a wider and slightly longer finger rest in a higher position, it is specifically designed to maximize fit for narrow fingers and shorter little finger. In addition, by making the finger ring smaller, it achieved outstanding stability.

Ultimate scissors for blunt cuts. The guide tip leads the hair smoothly to the scissor blade for precision cutting by anyone. The blade and clip have a 13 degrees tilt for delivering exquisite cutting line. The tip and the curved line makes the scissors feel as if it is attached to the fingers (prevents shifting). Ergonomically designed curves of the rings allow freedom of cut techniques while providing safety by tip gliding through the fingers to prevent damaging the hand.

-High Grade at Low cost- is its concept
Beautiful streamline design with sharpness.
Koryu delivers Cosmos quality at low cost.

Innovative handles to address the basic blunt cuts and various fashion techniques with ease. You may select from 5 variations, with 0.25-inch increments.

The crane design scissors have an offset grip, from the centerline of the grip to the center of the blade, which allows you to relax your body, elbow, arm and hands with natural angles, preventing fatigue.
Blaze series scissors optimizes Hikari’s distinguished technology to pursue affordability and usability for juniors.

By maximizing Hikari’s unmatched craftsmanship, this series pursued affordability and usability for junior stylists. The space between the rings is wider for easier action, allowing the stylist to cut while sticking to the fundamentals.