-High Grade at Low cost- is its concept
Beautiful streamline design with sharpness.
Koryu delivers Cosmos quality at low cost.

Highly recognized series as scissors made purely for left handed hair stylists.
Preserving the smooth motion and quality sharpness of Hikari standards, now available at an affordable price range.

“Hikari Original Bamboo Leaf Blade” is created by gathering massive amount of feedback from professionals and has achieved butter soft sharpness without pulling and damaging the hair, common issues associated with dry hair cutting. Anatomic grip that allows a great variety of holding styles, delivers all-around scissors for slide, stroke, effect and chop cuts.

Experience the sharpness and smoothness unlike any with every cut. The secret to the revolutionary feel is precisely in the special edging on the straight blade. Also, by incorporating flat blade on the comb blade and making it concaved, it prevents damaging the hair tip for customers cutting with special care for the tip. By combining the C-Evo original anatomic grip, an unmatched thinning scissors are born.

Of course the straight blade, but we’ve also added deep concave on each tooth on the comb blade.
Especially on the straight blade we’ve given it an incredible 3.5-inch-deep convex, so its outstanding sharpness is maintained kept intact for a long time.

These scissors can be used for the root to the hair tip.
Perfect ratio of hair removal to give a bundle feel.
The narrow blade tip allows easy thinning.